Freshly Made Organic Baby Food

Our yummy organic food is sourced from local suppliers and hand made on Yummy Farm on the banks of the river Severn in rural Worcestershire. Our special ‘cold pressure’ process means that we can keep our food safe and fresh for weeks, without the need to pasteurise it at high temperatures. This allows the food to retain all the yummy nutrients, and is why the food looks and tastes like it’s home-made! See more about our special process below. You can find our yummy baby food in the refrigerated aisle of quality shops.
  • chevron_rightCertified Organic
  • chevron_rightSourced locally from UK 4th generation family farm
  • chevron_rightFree from preservatives and additives
  • chevron_rightLast up to 35 days

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Available in 4 unique flavours

Pot vs Pouch


  • chevron_rightHelps your baby learn to chew
  • chevron_rightEncourages development of oral muscles required for speech and vital early verbal skills
  • chevron_rightAllows your baby to progress to and experience more textured foods
  • chevron_rightEncourages important interaction between you and your baby at mealtime
  • chevron_rightLearning to eat and self-feed contributes directly to motor skills and to the development of hand-mouth and hand-eye coordination


  • chevron_rightDelays development of the natural chewing action and oral muscles
  • chevron_rightMakes it difficult for your baby to control intake, increasing the risk of overeating
  • chevron_rightPrevents the important progression towards more textured foods
  • chevron_rightReduces the important interaction between you and your baby at mealtime
  • chevron_rightLimits your baby’s development of motor skills associated with spoon feeding

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Want to know more about our high pressure process (HPP) and why we use it? Take a look at some recent stories about HPP's use in keeping food fresh and nutritious
Is HPP The New Baby Food Trend?


Is HPP The New Baby Food Trend?close

In an era of increasingly alarming food recalls, high-pressure processing (HPP) has been making an appearance within a few different industries — from packaged deli meats, seafood & ready-to-eat meals, juicing, and most recently the world of baby food.

HPP a Step Towards Better Food Safety

Digital Journal

HPP a Step Towards Better Food Safetyclose

High pressure processing (HPP), also known as pascalization, is a technology used in the sterilization of a wide range of food products. HPP is a type of freezing pasteurization in which the products are introduced into a container subjected to close to the maximum level of isostatic pressure exerted by water. The high pressure eliminates the bacteria, yeast, molds, parasites, and viruses present in the food, extending the life of the product and guaranteeing its safety.

HPP: Food preservation 2.0

New Food Magazine

HPP: Food preservation 2.0close

The high-pressure processing of fruits and juices denaturises pathogenetic germs and fungi. Nevertheless, that non-thermal process preserves vitamins, flavouring and colour pigments. As food is processed in the final packaging, that process meets maximum hygienic requirements, because a later contamination is excluded. Additives are not used; thus, the product maintains its pure and biological state.

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